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Leather is a tough and elastic physical shaped by the browning of fleece and physical skins. The greatest shared raw factual is stupid skin. It container be shaped at industrial scales reaching from the artisanal gauge to the current work gage. Leathers manufacturing has been practiced for over 7,000 years. The oldest record of leather goods dates back to 2200 BC.

The use of leathers was criticized in the 20th and 21st centuries by animal rights groups. These groups assert that buying or wearing leather is immoral because the manufacture of leather requires the killing of animals. However, according to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization Life Cycle Assessment report, 99% of raw hides and skins used in leather production come from animals raised to produce meat and / or Dairy products.


Real leathers fashion

The Real leather is exactly the same as real leathers and it just means that something is made of real leather instead of faux leather. Real can be found, but the later are more frequent; It is important to be familiar with all of these terms and their meanings in order to make good purchasing decisions. Below we have listed and answered the most common questions we have received regarding genuine leather and genuine leather.

Genuine leathers fashion

Not only does genuine leather mean that the product is made from genuine leather (which it is),

it also means that it is the lowest quality of any product made from genuine leather.

Genuine leather generally does not last long or looks as good as premium leather. You will usually find them in the belts of shopping malls, shoes at low cost department stores,

and bags or other products in the lower price range.

Product marked as genuine leather will consist of several layers

of poor quality leather bonded with glue and then coated to appear uniform.

ELK Leathers fashion

Usually “deerskin” is used for chamois leather for pants, jackets and clothing. It is also used as the upper part of shoes or for bags. The damage caused by the thorn fly and thorns is typical of these free-living animals and is considered a feature of originality. The skin surface of elk calves.

Native Americans used it in clothing, armor, and armor. Elk skin feeds well and retains its soft nature if it dries slowly at low temperatures.

Top Grain Leathers Fashion

Upper granulated skin refers to the skin separated from the lower layers of the skin. Top ounce is the process of sanding normal granules away from the top apparent of the skin.  Because this results in a leather jacket that is thinner in terms of material and weight. The skin is heavy and it can sometimes be uncomfortable for people. Top grain leather is the most common type of leather in high quality leather products, but it ranks second for quality, although the name suggests otherwise.

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